Dr. Eric T. Stafne

Eric T. Stafne is an Associate Professor and Extension Horticulturist at Oklahoma State University with responsibilities in viticulture, fruit crops, and pecans. Stafne has a 75% Extension and 25% research appointment. Originally from Michigan, Stafne received his B.S. degree in Forestry from Michigan State University in 1993. His graduate work was done at the University of Arkansas, where he completed his M.S. degree in Horticulture (1999) and Ph.D. in Plant Science (2005). Dr. Stafne’s professional experience includes a stint as a U.S. Peace Corps agroforestry extension volunteer in Senegal, West Africa from 1994 to 1996, employment by the United States Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service (USDA – ARS) at the Sugarcane Field Station in Canal Point, Florida as an agricultural research technician in the sugarcane breeding program, and as a Research Specialist in the small fruit breeding program under Dr. John R. Clark at the University of Arkansas. He was responsible for maintaining two grape breeding selection vineyards at the University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Experiment Station. Currently, he teaches the Grape Management Short Course and heads the experimental grape vineyard at the OSU Cimarron Valley Research Station in Perkins.


3 Responses to “About the Author”

  1. John Coleman Says:

    Keep up the great work

    1. okgrapes Says:

      Thanks for reading John. I hope all is well in your vineyard.

  2. […] In fact, they do, and they have a viticulture extension educator working out of OK State, too. Which in itself is cool, but Eric T. Stafne, said educator, is also a blogger. Or, as he prefers, “glogger.” […]

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