Yesterday we went to the Venue at Redstone ( for the first part of class where Dr. William McGlynn did his sensory perception talk.  Part of the presentation were pairing wines with certain foods to discover how different types of food can affect one’s perception of a wine.  We also took a quick stroll around the vineyard and saw some vines that were severely damaged by this past winter.  Overall though the Venue at Redstone is an exquisite location for events and I know George and Ann Nemecek have done a lot of work getting it where it is today.  (Full disclosure: George and Ann attended the Short Course in 2006).  After that we went over to Tres Suenos Winery (, where Richard Kennedy toured us around his operation.  The final part of the class was doing a little wine tasting.  Richard seems to be doing very well with Chambourcin.  All in all, I have really enjoyed teaching these courses over the past six years and even though I will not be here next year, the course will continue.  So, let your colleagues, friends, and neighbors know that OSU will still hold the grape management short course in 2012.