Another blogger has posted a good little rant on why most winery websites aren’t worth the time to visit: (  Good stuff here, although mostly rehashed from other posts I have done.  This may be news to some of you but I visit your winery websites often, looking for updates on your products and any news you have to offer.  Some I visit probably have not been updated in years — and it shows.  Some have terrible photos too.  Many are poorly organized and give little valuable information (just as the blogger link above states).  If the goal is to drive customers to your winery then have a professional looking website.  If you don’t care then why have a website at all when a crummy Facebook page will do? (For the record, in my opinion, Facebook pages don’t even come close to looking professional.  I understand it as a way to interact with clientele and post photos, etc., but the interface is just….underwhelming).  At any rate, take a read from the link above.