NGWI is the National Grape and Wine Initiative.  It is headquartered in Sacramento, CA.  About 3 years ago I became involved in this organization.  Currently I serve as Vice-Chair of the Extension and Outreach theme committee.  I came to that position because of my involvement in a large grant that was identified as an area of need by the committee and NGWI as a whole.  Of course this is the eXtension Grape Community of Practice project that has spawned  Through this project I am now apart of several other national projects that wish to distribute extension information through eViticulture.  You can read about some of those projects on NGWI website here:

I don’t have anything to do with the Choudhury or Keast projects but I am involved in one way or another with the rest.  On the one hand it is good for me to interact with these folks because it helps my career.  On the other hand it is also good for the Oklahoma grape and wine industry.  My participation alerts others in the scientific community, and the public that benefits from these projects, that Oklahoma does have a growing industry.  Hopefully that knowledge will lead to more opportunities in the future, not only for me (and OSU), but also growers and winemakers in Oklahoma.