I try to keep my blog about viticulture and enology, but every once in a while I may throw a curveball.  Today is one of those days.  The title above refers to a new book (http://www.travelerstales.com/catalog/pcaf/) that I just finished reading.  It covers 50 years of Peace Corps volunteer experiences in Africa.  Since I was one of those volunteers I found I was able to relate to every story in the book.  This year marks the 50th anniversary of the Peace Corps, so as a part of my job as a Returned Peace Corps Volunteer I must continue to educate others stateside on the cultures and experiences of those that I interacted with during my time in Senegal.  So, if you have an interest in this area I highly recommend reading this book.  It is comprised of many short essays that vividly describe the Peace Corps experience.  There are three other volumes coming out soon that will cover other areas of the world as well.  Based on this volume I can’t wait to read those too.  If you decide to buy this book online I suggest doing it from Amazon because it is considerably cheaper there.

And if you do, you might just find a short essay in the mix from yours truly.

One Hand Does Not Catch a Buffalo