I returned from the annual Grape Community of Practice (GCoP)/National Viticulture Extension Leadership Conference that was held in St. Louis.  This is the same meeting as the one held last year in Fresno.  This time around the ICCVE were the hosts.  We had attendees from Oklahoma, Texas, California, Missouri, Alabama, Virginia, Washington, Michigan, Indiana, Wisconsin, New York, and Ontario, Canada.  A very productive meeting.  I will post a few photos once I get them downloaded.  You can see some photos here now:


The purpose of the meeting was to gather members (and potential members) of the Grape Community of Practice and discuss new content for our website  (http://eviticulture.org/) among other things.  Of course, we did take the opportunity to visit a couple wineries while in Missouri (Stone Hill and HermanHof on Tuesday, plus Montelle and Augusta today — although I was not able to go to those this time).  We also were able to taste several different wines from Missouri, Michigan, California, New York, and Washington.  Some really good stuff out there.  I was totally blown away with how good some of the Norton and Vignoles coming out of Missouri is now.  All I can say is WOW!