Yesterday, Becky went to Bixby to look at Primary buds of ‘Chambourcin’.  We have a weed control trial there using different preemergence herbicides.  She took samples from each treatment (different herbicide products).  Unfortunately, there was no real difference.  We only found between 0 and 5% of buds alive, and worse than that, it seems that some of the vines themselves don’t look so good either.  Cutting into the trunks and canes revealed dry, brownish wood.  Not good.  In fact, very bad.  Bixby reached -7 F on the 9th of February and -22 F on the 10th.  ‘Chambourcin’ is one of the least cold hardy hybrids, but would place among the more cold hardy vinifera.  I am fully expecting so see the vines killed back to the snowline and will be pleasantly surprised if that is not the case.  If they are severely damaged (not past the graft union) they can be retrained back onto the wires.  This was to be the final year of the herbicide study and then I was going to do some other studies there.  It seems like very few of the studies I plan are carried to completion without a major weather event wreaking havoc.