I got back from Sacramento last night at 11pm.  I didn’t blog on Wednesday because it was really a full day.  That day I went to a Biodynamics session (incredibly disappointing in the presentation of the topic), the Trade Show (really fantastic), an NGWI luncheon, and then a regional wine tasting (I stuck with the Missouri Wines — the Vignoles was superb).  Thursday morning I gave my presentation and then got to the airport.  My overall impression of the entire symposium was that if you are a grape grower or winemaker you should attend this show at least once to get a feel for the high level of skills that are out there on the West Coast (plus the Trade Show has everything you could possibly need).  However, I was disappointed in some of the sessions and the lack of advertising of some of the sessions.  Worth it?  Yes, but if you are thinking of going make sure the topics covered fit your needs.  Although the amount of networking that can be done is tremendous — it is hard to understate that, not only to connect with other wine and grape folks but also trade and academic folks.  With an attendance of over 12,000, it would be difficult not to run into somebody of note.