The program on Day One of the Unified Symposium was really geared toward industry folks — as is most of the program.  I registered, got oriented, then decided to hit some of the sessions.  The first one I tried was called ‘Crisis Communications:  When Unfortunate Things Happen to Good People’.  The topic was about what to do when an unforeseen event happens — good info, but it really didn’t relate to me (at least in the way it was presented).  So, I cut out and went to another called ‘Doing More with Less’.  This was a winemaking session and it was interesting — about looking for ways to decrease costs in the winery.  The last session for the day I went to was called ‘What Matters to Millennials’.  I thought this would be a good program to hear since more and more communication is being done via the web and social media.   First off, the speakers were all 20-somethings, and all good speakers — engaging.  But in the hour and a half I was in there I learned some interesting things — Millenials are self-absorbed, narcissistic, and demand that you (meaning we) be cool so that if they interact with us it makes them look cool.  I came out of that session needing a drink.  They made Gen X sound like a bad word (not overtly but it came off that way).

At any rate, today is a new day and I will be checking out the trade show, listening to a “State of the Industry” address and a session on biodynamics.  There is also a regional wine tasting this evening with wines from all over the country, although not Oklahoma (and not Texas either, although Missouri is represented).