Today the Unified Grape and Wine Symposium begins.  My talk isn’t until Thursday morning, so I’ve got some time to go to other talks and see things.  Yesterday I spent all day in the National Grape and Wine Initiative board meeting.  Lots of interesting discussion there, especially on research.  In the past couple of years grape research has been funded through national grants but more needs to be done in this area.  Especially research in enology.  Last night I was talking with Dr. Andrew Waterhouse, Dept head of UC-Davis Vit and Enology Dept.  He was lamenting the fact that USDA has been slow, or reluctant, to fund wine research projects.  Of course, we all realize that the real money is in the winery — a value-added product.  Dr Jim Kennedy of  Fresno State is going to test the waters with his upcoming SCRI proposal.  It will certainly be interesting to see how it fares.

I will update the day at Unified tomorrow.