I mentioned yesterday that Meramec was using an unusual grape for wine.  The name of that grape is Stark Star.  It is a Catawba x Norton cross.  The cross was made by Joseph Bachman of Altus, Arkansas in the early 1890s.  Not surprisingly, it has been around in Missouri because Stark Brothers (a Missouri-based company) introduced it to the public.

The grape ripens late, the vine is vigorous and hardy.  I found the varietal wine to be just so-so.  It was made in a sweet style that wasn’t the best fit for it.  However, in the blend with Norton it was very nice.  I love being able to taste these old heritage grapes.  It’s too bad most of the wine world doesn’t seem to share the delight in finding something entirely new.

You can visit Meramec vineyards online and see their wine list here: http://www.meramecvineyards.com/wines.html