So, did any of you do your homework over the holiday?  I did my fair share (probably more than my fair share…) while I was in Michigan.  I tried a Chateau Grand Traverse Pinot Noir (2008).  It was decent, probably priced right at $13.99.  It was a little thin and there was almost no hint of fruit.  On my way back home I stopped at St. James Winery and Meramec Winery both in Missouri.  At St. James I did not taste, but rather just bought some bottles for later.  At Meramec I tasted a few including their Norton (meh, OK, but not worth $24 in my opinion), Chambourcin (decent), and a couple blends with Chambourcin and Norton which were actually better than the varietal wines.  Tomorrow I will discuss one of the unusual cultivars Meramec is using in some of their blends and as a varietal sweet wine.