On Saturday we held the joint OSU-LCGGA field day at the Cimarron Valley Research Station in Perkins.  I believe the final count was 36 attendees.  We covered site selection, variety and rootstock selection, some vineyard management issues (weed control, trellis systems, etc.), diseases, and insects.  Jimmy Johns and Kerry Davis of LCGGA did a lot of the planning for this field day so a shout of thanks go to them.    Dave and Dorothy Davis also came to share some of their experiences.  Overall the weather was great and hopefully a lot was learned by everyone who attended.  I will post some photos (if anyone took some).  After talking with all of the presenters and the LCGGA folks, we all thought it was very successful and that we should continue holding these in the future.  Maybe next year in May or June — that time will allow us to cover some different topics and show more out in the vineyard.