If you are a fan of Shakespeare, Agatha Christie, or Ray Bradbury then you know the rest of this quote goes, “Something wicked this way comes”.  What is that something wicked?  Well, if you have been delinquent in your removal of grow tubes from your vines then I want to warn you of that “something wicked” — black widow spiders.  Black widow spiders can be in the grow tubes at most any time of the summer, but now is the time the tubes are being removed so the danger of being bitten is greater.  Black widows usually have a red hourglass shape on their abdomen, but not always.  Female black widows inject a neurotoxin into their victims, which is highly unpleasant.  I was once bitten by a spider (not sure if it was a black widow or not) and all I can say is that for a week I felt terrible and I would gladly pass on that experience again.  Just a warning to be careful when removing and storing grow tubes.  Even though black widows are not considered aggressive they can be dangerous nonetheless.