Last night I found myself watching “Two and a Half Men”.  Now, I usually do not watch the show on Monday nights (aside: The show is crude, humorous, but crude.  Can you really believe TV has sunk to this level?  I digress.) , but tonight was kind of fortuitous because they actually mentioned Oklahoma wine in it.

If you have never watched the show, Charlie Sheen’s character lives on a beach in Malibu with his idiot brother who leeches off his wealth.  Anyway, in this episode, near the end, Charlie gives Alan (his idiot brother) a 100 dollar bill and tells him to go to the store and buy a bottle of champagne to celebrate Alan moving out the house and in with his girlfriend.  Alan, being an incredible cheapskate, goes and picks up a bottle of cheap wine instead and pockets the rest.  While buying the wine he comments, “I didn’t know they made wine in Oklahoma” and then pays for the $8.49 bottle.

I know what you are thinking — they are poking fun at Oklahoma wine.  Perhaps.  However, I think the point is that someone on that show — the writers, the producer, the directors, etc. — knew about Oklahoma wine.  Millions of people watch that show, and now millions of people know (that maybe did not know before) that Oklahoma wine exists.  And I see that as a good thing.