Oh, you know the song, “Movin’ on up” the theme song from The Jeffersons TV show.  George and Weezy wanted to move to the East Side into a deluxe apartment in the sky.  As a grape industry, Oklahoma is “movin’ on up” too.  I read a paper from the Proceeding of the VIII International Terroir Congress held this past June in Soave, Italy that actually mentioned Oklahoma as a wine region.  Greg Jones, a well-known and well-respected international expert on viticulture and climate, stated ” there are defined winegrape growing areas in the United States (Texas, Oklahoma, and the Mississippi delta region), Brazil (São Francisco Valley), and South Africa (Lower Orange River in the Northern Cape) that are warmer than 22°C during their respective growing seasons. However, these regions have different climate risks, have developed viticultural practices to deal with the warmer climates (e.g., two crops per year, irrigation, etc.), or produce table grapes or raisons, and do not necessarily represent the average wine region.”

Of course the words “average wine region” are a bit off-putting, but they are true all the same.  Growers in this state are like true explorers — Vespucci, De Gama, Byrd, or Champlain, on the vanguard on our viticultural legacy.  A mention in an international paper is good recognition that we are establishing ourselves as a wine region.  Now we just need to get to the level where the papers are about Oklahoma and not just a mention.