Below are some good suggestions from the Pesticide Stewardship website (

10 Stewardship Tips from the Pesticide Environmental Stewardship Website
1.Read the label before buying the pesticide.
2.Buy only the amount of pesticide needed for one season.
3.As a general rule of thumb, the temperature inside the storage area should not get below 40 F or over 100 F.
4.Calibrate equipment carefully to assure that the pesticide is applied at labeled rates.
5.Be aware of the current and probable future weather conditions in order to make the best application decisions to prevent drift.
6.Locate the mixing/loading site away from wells, streams and lakes.
7.Never leave a tank while it is being filled, and pay constant attention during filling to prevent overfilling and spilling of the pesticide on the ground.
8.When you empty a container, allow it to drain into the spray tank for 10 seconds after it begins to drip.
9.Remember that exceeding the label rate of application is a violation of the law.
10.Follow the label each time you mix and use the pesticide, and follow the label when storing or disposing of the pesticide. Do not trust your memory.