I was at the Perkins station yesterday finishing pruning a study on Neptune.  While there I took a glance around at other varieties to gauge where we were at in terms of budbreak.  Nothing so far.  I saw swelling on several varieties like Chardonnay and Sangiovese, but many were still tight.  I think this bodes well for us.  Our average frost-free date is April 15, so the later budbreak holds out the better.  David Gerken sent me photos from vines at OSU-OKC yesterday on Chardonnay, Villard Blanc, and Rubaiyat.  The Chardonnay are almost to the point where we see green tips.  VB and Rubaiyat were swelling, but nothing imminent.  However, with the temperatures rising, I would expect to see some quick movement in the coming days.  The chance for applying dormant sprays is coming to an end.  With the wet winter we should be on the look out for Anthracnose.  Black rot sprays are also coming up soon — don’t wait to control it.  Start early and keep with it through the season.  Even when black rot is done, other bunch rots are waiting to come into play.