12-Feb-10 08:25 | Eric Stafne

I began this blog on March 3, 2009.  Coming up with something to write is sometimes a drag, but mostly it is interesting.  However, I’m not sure that I am up to continue it beyond March 3, 2010.  One year seems to be a good estimate of how much it is valued, and don’t get me wrong — I know some of you read this.  But most members don’t and after a quick scan of the number of members (67 as of today) the numbers seem to be dwindling compared to the past.  When I went to the first OGGWMA annual conference in 2006 there were well over 100 in attendance.  In 2010 — 54.  I read somewhere recently that the North Dakota grape growers have more than 100 members.  I believe the industry as a whole needs to find a way to consolidate and work together.  I understand the reasons for the fractured nature of the present, but unless the industry works together the opportunities to grow will be limited for the future.  Any ideas out there?