23-Dec-09 09:52 | Eric Stafne

It is my last day at work until Jan 4.  I will be leaving (weather permitting) for Michigan on Christmas Day, then on to Washington DC for a couple days to see a friend of mine from the ol’ Peace Corps days.  My wife and I are looking forward to having a break from work.  I have been up to my eyeballs in paperwork (end of year performance evaluations, grant proposals, reports, writing letters of support for grant proposals, etc.).  In fact, December has just flown by.  The fact that time has gone by so quickly got me to thinking about the OGGWMA annual meeting in January.  It will be here before you know it.  I hope that the few of you who actually read this blog will attend, learn some things, and make your voice heard.  Even though I plan to attend the meeting in some form or fashion, no one from OGGWMA has contacted me (or anyone else at OSU) to participate.  I find this highly curious.  OSU is the only institution in the state doing research on grapes, yet OGGWMA doesn’t want to find out what we’ve learned?  PD has become an issue this past year, but unless someone contacts us, you won’t hear about it firsthand.  Maybe the leadership is waiting for me to offer up some talks?  I could talk about our Chardonnay rootstock trial, a new herbicide trial we put in at the OSU research station in Bixby, or the national significance of an NGWI-backed creation of a Grape Community of Practice through the eXtension system.  We could also talk about the committee to create a Vineyard Workbook for Oklahoma spear-headed by some of your peers.  Talks could be given on presence of leafhoppers, our progress with wine-making at OSU, and introducing our new viticulture handbook (which should be hot off the presses by meeting time).  I know all of these things affect you in some way, but it seems that the organizer (s?) believe in California speakers.  I have nothing against Cliff Ohmart and Ann Noble.  They are dynamic and excellent presenters with tons of knowledge — we are lucky to have them come to Oklahoma.  But my point is this — they won’t be here on January 25 to answer your questions, come to your vineyard/winery, or further the effort for Oklahoma.  Just something to think about.