06-Mar-09 07:22 | Eric Stafne

There will be three new postings on my website (www.grapes.okstate.edu) soon.  The first will be the presentation that I gave at the OGGWMA annual conference.  The second and third go together:  first, is the presentation I recently gave to the Lincoln Country Grape Growers Association on Grape Phenology, and second is the Data Collection sheet.  If you are interested in taking data in your vineyard, first look at the presentation — plenty of photos depicting each phenological stage of the vine.  From there you can download the data sheet and keep track.  Feel free to contact me if you have any questions.

A quick word of caution in regards to the OGGWMA presentation.  What I presented is the data that I had at the time.  I think this year will be very telling in terms of recovery.  In my trips through the vineyard so far, I see quite a bit of dead wood and some apple twig borer infestations.  I’ll keep you updated.