17-Apr-09 07:37 | Eric Stafne

Yesterday vines were planted at the OSU Bixby Research Station.  All vines are Chambourcin on 101-14.  The purpose of this trial is to test some different herbicides to see how efficacious they are in combating weeds and also determining how they affect vine health.  Chemicals we are testing are Sandea, Callisto, and Spartan.  They are mainly pre-emergent herbicides, but Sandea and Callisto also have post-emergence activity.  We will test different rates as well.  This experiment was funded through the IR-4 project (http://ir4.rutgers.edu/).  Steve Gerkin also donated material such as posts, etc. to aid the project.  It will be interesting to see the outcome of this work and perhaps it will lead to the availability of more (and hopefully better) herbicide chemistries available for grape growers.  At some point, we will hold workshops at the location.  Lynn Brandenberger (Extension Vegetable Specialist at OSU) and I are running this project.  Lynn is involved because he has done a lot of herbicide work in the past and his expertise in that area will be crucial for the success of this project.