23-Mar-09 07:28 | Eric Stafne

I am headed out the door to help plant Dr. Damon Smith’s new pathology research vineyard.  He has several varieties that he will be testing for black rot and crown gall resistance (and conversely susceptibility).  This morning we will also be planting my new blackberry variety trial.  We are planting 6 varieties of blackberry so that we can assess productivity as well as fruit quality.  Dr. William McGlynn will be making blackberry wine from these varieties as well when we can harvest enough fruit from them.  We have already started making blackberry wine from Oklahoma and Arkansas fruit.  Our goal is to determine how varieties differ in their wine quality components and work toward varietalization of blackberries.  Blackberries have flavor, sweetness, and tannic differences just like grapes.  Also, I will be holding a blackberry workshop on April 8 starting at 8am.  The cost is $25 dollars.  If you are interested contact me.

So, overall, it will be an exciting day at the Cimarron Valley Research Station in Perkins.  Let’s just hope not too exciting weather-wise.