24-Apr-09 08:35 | Eric Stafne

I have added a couple of new presentations to the OSU grape website recently (www.grapes.okstate.edu).  One is my presentation at the Wine Forum of Oklahoma.  The other is a presentation from Connie Fisk, an viticulture extension educator from North Carolina.  She was a speaker at the last Oklahoma-Arkansas Horticulture Industries Show (HIS for short).  Her presentation covered growing muscadine grapes.  They have a lot of muscadine production in North Carolina.  I think we can do some limited muscadine production in Oklahoma, but the SE portion of the state is where the likely region for production would be.  Both of these can be found on the front page of the website under NEW!

Anyone out there interested in muscadines?  Arkansas sells a lot of muscadine wine.  It is usually a very sweet wine with lots of fruitiness.