11-Sep-09 10:36 | Eric Stafne

A quick reminder on a few things:

Control weeds.  Now is a good time to hit bermudagrass with Roundup for control.

Remove grow tubes.  You have the option of pulling grow tubes up so that they no longer contact the soil, allowing for air flow through the tube (good) or taking the tube off completely (best).  The tube can create a “greenhouse effect” that warms the vine more than the outside air.  Not a problem during the day, but when temperatures drop at night below freezing severe damage can result.  Now is a good time to do it.

Irrigate if necessary.  Will all the rain we’ve had here in Stillwater we don’t need to worry about this, but in areas that haven’t had rain make sure the soil profile is at capacity before shutting down the irrigation system for the winter.

Control disease.  Late season foliar fungal diseases can defoliate vines.  Diseases like Downy Mildew or Powdery Mildew may come on at this time.  Early defoliation means less cold hardiness.