13-Aug-09 07:44 | Eric Stafne

The attack of the green June beetles is here.  The significant rains of the last couple weeks have brought them out in force.  Here is photo:


Sevin does a nice job of controlling beetles, but has a 7-day PHI.  Pyganic may be another organic option, but its efficacy is unknown (at least to me).  Other chemicals like Danitol, Imidan, Capture, Brigade are also effective.  Neem acts as a repellant, but its time length of protection, I don’t know.

GJB must be controlled, as they will voraciously eat the fruit.  At Perkins this year we are having all kinds of problems with insects and animals stealing fruit.  Why this year more than others?  Probably because there are no peaches.  Not a single peach on the entire station — wiped out because of freeze in April.