26-Mar-09 07:55 | Eric Stafne

Are hybrid wine grapes economical to grow?  Will anyone drink the wine?  Well, judging from success in surrounding states I would say yes to both of those questions.  The Missouri wine industry is based mainly on hybrid and American grapes with a dabbling of vinifera thrown in on superior locations.  Indiana and Kentucky also produce a lot of hybrid wines.  I think the idea that vinifera grapes are superior is true — in a good location with predictable weather.  It doesn’t matter if the grapes are considered the best worldwide (viva Pinot Noir), but it may not produce a good grape in a different location.  If anyone out there is concerned about the quality of the wine that can be produced from Norton/Cynthiana or Chambourcin or Traminette, my advice is to try them — and try more than one winery (as they are not created equal!)  Our challenge is inconsistent environmental growing conditions, but if we can find suitable varieties that produce consistently we will be ahead of the game (and they are out there right now).

Here is the document to readmo-winery-impact.pdf: