19-Mar-09 08:41 | Eric Stafne

As I wandered through the vineyard at Perkins I saw two insects I knew were doing some damage.  One of them I caught in the act and the other I saw just wandering around on a spur.  The first was an Apple Twig Borer.  This insect can devestate stressed and injured vines.  I’ve noticed the entry wounds on several varieties, both vinifera and hybrid.  The second insect pest is the grape flea beetle.  It is a shiny, metallic dark-blue to black color.  The grape flea beetle feeds on young buds that are in the swelling stage.  The damage looks similar to that of climbing cutworm.  Control of apple twig borer is not well understood (especially timing of sprays), but grape flea beetle can be controlled with Sevin or Danitol.  Remember you do not need to spray in your vineyard if you do not see evidence of the pest!