09-Mar-09 07:44 | Eric Stafne

One might think that the winter would be the slowest time for a horticulturist.  Not so, at least for me.  In fact, January through March might be the busiest three months of the year.  Not only am I required to send in my yearly reports to administration during this time period, but I have several meetings to attend.  As an added bonus, this year I am coordinating a meeting for viticulture and enology extension specialist to be held in OKC.  This meeting allows us (a nationwide group) to get together and discuss how each of our programs work and discover new ways to improve what we do and also to interact with other state specialists.

One of the foci of this group is to establish a Grape Community of Practice for the eXtension system (www.extension.org).  Our intent is to coordinate all of our materials into one place that can be readily accessed.  I know growers are frustrated by not being able to find local materials (fact sheets, etc.).  This would help in that regard by centralizing the information.  It would also create new distance educational opportunities such as online presentations and more.  I will give more details later.