07-Apr-09 07:42 | Eric Stafne

Ok, so this entry really isn’t about viticulture.  My alma mater, Michigan State, was thoroughly outplayed last night in the national championship basketball game.  I can’t say that I was surprised though, having watched NC play in other games.  They were just far more experienced and talented.  MSU has some good players but are young and boy did it show in the first 10 minutes of the game.  Poor decision making and they were very nervous.  I must admit that I never expected MSU to get to the title game.  I thought they had the makings of a Final Four team, but didn’t have that “go-to” scorer that a team really needs to win.

Even though I am a horticulturist now, I didn’t study horticulture at MSU.  I studied Forestry.  As I look back I think it was a good major.  MSU has one of the premier forestry departments in the country, but I kind of knew my real interests didn’t lie in forestry.  I’m pretty happy that I stumbled upon horticulture.