16-Mar-09 08:57 | Eric Stafne

I have yet to be in a vineyard in Oklahoma during the growing season where I have not seen some evidence of 2,4-D (or other phenoxy herbicide) injury.  Most of the time the symptoms (called epinasty) are mild and do not significantly affect the vines.  At Perkins, I have seen some injury every year and there is a difference in how vines react to the drift.  Some appear to be more tolerant of non-directed drift injury; however, I won’t necessarily go out on a limb and say, “Yes, vine XX is more tolerant than vine YY.”  My observations have been from uncontrolled events.  I have written on this topic more extensively here: http://www.grapes.okstate.edu/Grapenewsletter/GrapeNewletter12.pdf

The vineyard arson I blogged about a few days ago is undoubtedly related to this issue. Vineyard owner concerned about drift and injury or damage to vines and neighbor seeing that as a threat to their livelihood.  Unfortunately, some folks just don’t go out of their way to understand or appreciate the diversity of agriculture.